Tuesday, July 16, 2019

WAVEing to accessibilty

https://wave.webaim.org/ - WAVE is a useful - and VERY fast - tool, showing possible accessibility issues on the site. You can get a browser plugin for chrome or firefox.

It's a little unfortunate that it doesn't have a sense of relative importance of various transgression - a slight "boy who cried WOLF!" effect is definitely present - but still, it's a great free starting place. (Especially in this age where public companies have a legal responsibility for good a11y, and are at risk for lawsuits when they are out of compliance.)

(Heh, and for one of the first times, I find it easy to empathize with this kind of thing-- my 40-something year old eyes are slowly developing low light contrast issues and losing a bit of the close up focus they used to have...)

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