Monday, July 1, 2019

jony ive out, and monitoring the monitor situation...

Gruber was one of the first to note that Jony Ives was leaving Apple and his opinions influenced my views.

I agree with him that, that while he has a singular vision (and was interesting seeing his relationship with Jobs as a bit of Lennon/McCartney) to the extent that he was responsible for thinner at all costs including this keyboard mess, it's good to move past that.

The other thing is how I never would have guessed that the "we will still partner together" - but I think I have to play wait and see given the coverage I've seen elsewhere.

When Jason Snell was on Gruber's podcast, they got to talking about the Pro Display XDR and its $5000 price tag and infamous $1000 stand - and for the tiny but prestigious audience Apple is courting, that is probably a good deal.. but they pointed out that there's another market that's underserved right now - there's no good, medium-cost Apple-centric desktop monitor, either for people looking to dock a laptop or for Mini users.

They mentioned Apple stopped that collaboration with LG -  and also disabled the old ability for an iMac to be chained in as an external display (ignoring its own built in computer, so to speak) And that there's a division with what the majority of PC folks want - that gaming generally looks for fewer pixels or at least always greater refresh speed, and what a programmer or designer would be hoping for...

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