Monday, November 9, 2020

sets and maps instead of objects and arrays

When Not to Use Objects and Arrays to Store Data: ES6 has other ways of handling data structures and values in the form of Set and Map

It seems pretty cool to use these things... but I'm not sure if they will ever achieve their full place when object keys and arrays work "good enough" and have a bit more syntactic sugar- especially in terms of JSON... 

(I am convinced that the cleanliness of JSON - combined with the sheer power of arrays and key/value pairs, and the trivialness of "parsing" JSON - has been somewhat responsible for JS' ascendency, and DEFINITELY for JSON being preferred over XML for many config tasks. Though a little weird that JSON is stricter than JS - like JS can have "bare" label keys but JSON only has strings... (really annoying if you have an eslint that says all strings should be single quoted...)

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