Monday, January 4, 2021

"natural" scroll direction and keyboards

A few months ago I wrote about the ux of scroll direction, in part to complain that I thought it was foolish Mac conflated the scroll direction for touchpads and for scroll features on a mouse. This maybe makes sense for the "Magic" mouse with its touchpad like top, but for a scrollwheel, historically it wasn't the way things were done - moving the wheel was moving the scroll pointer - moving the viewport rather than virtually moving the document.

For a silly New Year's Resolution I decided to get used to "natural" scroll direction for the cheap bluetooth mice I prefer, so I could stop dipping into Preferences to change it (the plug in software was too unresponsive) It's gone a little better than I expected.

But now I'm wondering... as I scroll through a webpage with arrow keys, they're also opposite "natural" scroll direction! You press down,  and the document "moves" up, because down is applying to the cursor / viewport and not to the document itself - even though there's no cursor. Hmm. I wonder if they will ever try to change that...

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