Saturday, February 6, 2021

online board games for team game nights or fun with other friends

Board game fans! The giant Quarantine Games doc - a bunch of games that can be played online, can be overwhelming. A while back some friends and I started a more modest vouched for games-list.

In some ways I'm only a so-so board game fan, especially strategic ones - like, taking an hour or something just to find out at the end that I'm not as smart as my friends has limited appeal. I do love a good drawing game though - Jack Box Bundles of course has many (Tee KO being my favorite) but a drawasaurus is a very good Pictionary clone.

Last night I played Ticket to Ride on Steam - just found out that there's a Tabletop2gether Humble Bundle on Steam, with all the variations of Ticket to Ride and some other solid titles for a name-your-price supporting St. Jude Children's. (>= $10 unlocks it all)

Finally, I found out of my favorite charming and strategic but fast and easy games "Hey, That's My Fish!" is available at - slightly klutzy interface and it's just one game among many, but the implementation of Fish seems pretty solid! (Not as polished as the awesome iPad version, which also has a one player mode, but good enough)

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