Tuesday, February 23, 2021

two pieces on keeping it simple

I am not a fan of frameworks in general. 

Here's a piece on The web didn't change; you did and reminding folks that for personal projects, nothing is keeping you from PHP/HTML and Javascript. 

Even for more professional settings, there's this piece on The Case Against Web Frameworks. Browsers can do so much today, and ECMAScript/JS has so much great syntax built in.

I've been using PHPwebhosting for over a decade now (and a similar site before that.) It's such a great investment, a site I can ssh into and put up whatever fool PHP I want! 

I worry about the disconnect between the tools I use "for fun" and the stuff I use for work - one of my secret sauce advantages over the years was using the same kind of stacks for both - but it is what it is. And maybe I'll slowly convince people at work to keep it simple as well...

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