Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Google's Dark Mode

 At work our designer Dean mentioned:

Dunno if anyone took notice but Google Search recently released a Dark Mode (If that’s your jam, it is mine!)  which from a design POV was well done IMHO, good contrast but nicely nuanced meaning it’s not harsh but refreshing on the eyes because they didn’t go full black (an easy mistake to make) and chose softer colors  (also an in-thing to not go full bright color) to match 

I mentioned I personally am not a fan of dark modes (especially if they're used as a default) even though I know they are popular- but for people with Astigmatism - a big part of the population, they are problematic because the eye has to open more and that leads to blurriness for them Dean wrote back with

Ya agree, not for everyone. Just geeking and appreciating a good implementation of it as generally I think most folks think it’s a flipping of a switch but there’s actually more than less nuance in dark modes to deal with the accessibility issues, keep within the brand, consider dimensionality, statefulness, and elevations etc.

But they are popular enough that I have to assume it's not just "looks cool' and some people do find it more relaxing on the eyes - wonder if it's the sample people who prefer e-ink to reading on tablets with more visual "pop"

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