Thursday, January 20, 2022

interview with wordle creator and thoughts on its ux

 If you're on social media there's a good chance you've seen people the telltales of people playing Wordle:

Here is an interview with its creator Josh Wardle.

I adore the UX of this thing:

  1. The limit of one word a day turns it into a social event - everyone is talking about the same challenge, and it's not out to encourage endless bing playing. It's a satisfying little mind snack on the daily
  2. The interview talks about the sharing widget - it's so lovely that it doesn't have a link and so doesn't generate one of those obnoxious link badges (I think the backlash against these would be even stronger if they were more direct linkage and less enigmatic.)
  3. With that widget, you can read the tale of a victory... and if you've succeeded on the day's yourself, you can have fun trying to guess what people's first word might have been
  4. The keyboard that lights up with what letters are left and which ones are in use is great
  5. The one-letter-at-a-time reveal is well-done... just a tad bit of suspense tension-and-release about where you are in the game after you've made a good guess..
There is some backlash to the ubiquitous shares of it, and understandably so. I don't make any posts about my success or challenges, but I do comment on others'.

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