Thursday, January 6, 2022

javascript fights on

 Interesting view of some of the contenders of the throne occupied by Javascript - spoiler of bits from the the conclusion:

It has shocked me how many body blows this language has taken over the years and still it stands, like a bruised boxer in the ring.

But as my friend and business partner Scott Shattuck says, one reason is “Location, location, location”.

JavaScript’s position as the only language built into the web browser ensures its longevity. With billions of web pages depending on it, JavaScript will likely outlive everyone reading this article.

And I know I'm an old scripting cowboy barbarian at heart, but that's why I am very slow to adopt pre-processors and other build systems, and prefer to live with what is easy to do in the browser itself: it's just so stable. My knowledge can build up with much less throwaway expiration...

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