Monday, May 2, 2022

peering into "the algorithm"

 It's interesting thinking about various ways of ordering posts - Gizmodo has been releasing some documents from Facebook as they ponder how their own sausage is made...

I'm not sure what the ideal algorithm would be. Part of me wants to say the secret is to empower users to say "show me everything from this group of people I select" but I wonder if that violates Zach Holman's admonition of Don't Give Your Users Shit Work, i.e. make them go through a big manual winnowing and curating process. 

Still, it's frustrating that it's the most trivial crap I post (or that is to say repost from other source like tumblr) that gets the most feedback, and I'm not sure how much of that is the "fault" of my friends, the algorithm, or maybe a snowball effect where the algorithm noticed early positive response to shallow stuff and then focuses on putting that stuff in front of other people, with a "rich get richer, poor get poorer" amplification effect...

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