Thursday, October 17, 2019

2 steps forward, 1 step back for photos in iOS 13

So two distinct improvements in the iOS camera app, and then one drawback...

I take a lot of short videos (basically B-roll for my "One Second Everyday" project) and one problem is that the indicator of "now recording" was always a bit too subtle, a little red dot next to the recording time at the top... (a time indicator that would stay at 00:00:00 for the first whole second of shooting, and so not providing timely confirmation that recording had started.)

The new one, a large orange coloring for the whole background of the recording time,  is much more clear:

Also, taking advantage of their new "pro" cameras triple lenses, they simplified swapping between lenses and their corresponding zoom levels through good old-fashioned on screen buttons:

Honestly, the new .5 zoom wide angle for their advanced models is a ton of fun, maybe even cooler than the night mode feature... it's often nice to get more of the background in a shot for context, and the subtle fish-eye effect can be visually appealing as well.

You can also do the old "pinch to zoom" to zoom-in or -out, and holding one of the zoom buttons brings up a dial interface - it's interesting how powerful breaking the abstraction of continuous zoom is... and empowering, since the user needs to learn that you can't use night mode with the ultrawide lens, for example. (You notice that fairly quickly if you're using the buttons to swap lenses, since the phone darkens the image to approximately what the end result will look like.)

The "one step back" is the EXIF issue I griped about earlier, how selecting a smaller size for upload changes the relationship of the EXIF rotation data and the image data itself.

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