Monday, October 7, 2019

converting HEIC to JPG on Mac easily

iOS tends to internally store photos as "HEIC". a more modern, space-efficient format. Usually you don't notice, and most ways of transferring files off of the device automagically converts the image into more standard things like JPG, but AirDrop tends to keep it as HEIC. This page outlines how to use the Automator to set up a "Quick Action" to make a copy of the file and convert it - then there will be a context menu option for your files to do the conversion.

I tend to do all temporary file work - from screenshots to where Airdrop puts things - in "Downloads" rather than the Desktop. (I don't know about you but my Desktop usually is covered with windows...) And I then actually go one more step and make it so Automator then drops the " copy" from the filename- I had to wrestle with Automator a bit but this setup finally got me the results I wanted:

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