Wednesday, October 9, 2019

context is strawberries

Every once in a while I get a notice from my old computer science department telling me I need to reset my password. To be honest, ssh'ing to reset the password is about the only thing I do with the account, and if I was less nostalgic I would just let it go. (Til then: enjoy visiting and see the web like it used to be, in the mid '90s...)

One of the funniest quirks from my old account is that once upon a time I replaced the regular "more" comand with an alias to this little script:


$target = $ARGV[0];

if(-d $target) {
exec "ls -F $target";
} else {
exec "less $target";

That's... kind of charming? Probably I kept typing "more directoryname" when I meant to "ls directoryname" ... so I made "more" into a generalized "view the contents of this", which makes a certain kind of sense but is a little weird...

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