Friday, November 1, 2019

halloween 8-ball

This year my sweetie Melissa wanted to be a Magic 8-Ball:

I wrote a little webpage we stuck on an old iPhone so she could have a working answer window...

You can see (or even use) the webpage here: 
You can tap or click and it will random select one of the 20 authentic 8-ball responses

My first thought was to have her wear an iPad, and have me make up a triangular version of the answers, but she was concerned about the comfort, and I'm into being time efficient, so we decided to go with a simple square display on an iPhone (we wrapped the phone in electrical tape and attached a ribbon to it.)

I thought about using P5 but realized CSS could do the trick, using an animation fade in from black, and then just poking at the CSS (including using vw font-size units) and javascript until I was happy with the result. Then we added it to the homepage of the iPhone, which gets ride of much of the browser cruft (there's still a small battery indicator, or maybe we covered that part with the electrical tape?) 

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