Tuesday, November 12, 2019

ui gripe list: ikea

I just want to say, IKEA has a very odd sense of taxonomy. I really don't think most of these things should be showing up for a search for "bookcases", do you?

Sadly, none of the filters under "More filters" are something like "actually show me the damn book cases, thanks."

I know IKEA is kind of apathetic about selling online - event the print catalogs are more of an aspiration-provoking encouragement to get you into their so-well-furnished ratmazes, and maybe get some tasty meatballs to boot. Still - this is ridiculous. I just want to look for a bookcase!

UPDATE: maybe because my first search was for "bookshelves", I got stuck in this place? Doing a search from here for "bookcase" got me much more sensible results - but the UI really made it look like I had drilled down to bookcases already...

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