Thursday, July 23, 2020

adding minification via terser or uglify

I've never been much of a build engineer; in fact up until this year I was always more of a "<script src='..." kinda dude.

My lead asked me to add in some minification to our rollup-based build system, but luckily he'd already done most of the hard work, and trying different plugins was pretty easy! (Kind of one of those ones where it was going to be really easy or really hard.)

Uglify vs. Babel-minify vs. Terser: A mini battle royale provided some comparison, I decided just to go for uglify (which seems like it used to be the favorite) and Terser (which the article seemed to like.) I tried both but settled on Terser (looking back now in writing this I see that says "Note: uglify-js is able to transpile only es5 syntax. If you want to transpile es6+ syntax use terser instead" so it feels like the future is with Terser.

Both were easy to setup for Terser it was
npm i rollup-plugin-terser --save-dev
then adding
import { terser } from "rollup-plugin-terser";
in the plugins array of rollup.config.js

(Also adding typescript support with declaration files was pretty easy, see this stackoverflow.)

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