Friday, July 24, 2020

good react-testing-library tutorial

I've never had an intuitive love of unit tests, preferring to test at higher levels -- but because many smart people disagree with me, and because unit tests give the warm fuzzies to so many manager-types, I don't make much of a stink about it.

My favorite low-key slogans expressing my view, which all revolve around the same core:
  • Unit Testing like testing 100 trees and assuming you have a forest
  • Bugs are usually an emergent property from connecting parts. 
  • A well-scoped component will usually be "too small to fail", internal errors should be pretty visible on inspection without much place to hide.
But I am of course compelled to make the best of the state of the world which considers unit test coverage to be table stakes for professional development. (And there are some advantages - a good set of tests can act as a form of communication to future developers.)

One positive development is the move towards React Testing Library over, say, Enzyme. The emphasis is on using the component more like a user would. I would suggest Robin Wieruch's How to use React Testing Library Tutorial.

A few thoughts I jotted on it:
  • love the whole "screen" element of it, and screen.debug() for high visibility
  • getByRole() seems pretty brilliant, especially the way you can leave it blank and the output of running it will make suggestions about what roles are available in the component - a clunky (but useful!) form of auto-complete.
  • the await stuff is interesting. (I admit I don't yet 100% deeply grok the "await" syntax at times :-D )
So, good tutorial for a good tool.

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