Thursday, July 16, 2020

stating the obvious about the need for "mobile first"

Folks at my current company had to trace down a bug that occurred on specific phones with people uploading resumes... it made me write up the following:

[One take away for me is ...] it's just how people who have been a "techie" for over a decade or two might not fully get just how "mobile first" many folks' lives are! If you are half the time on your laptop anyway, stuff like applying for a job or deeply searching for a good used car - I would never start with my phone, a phone feels like a more casual thing. But - and I know this isn't a news flash- for a wide swath of folks, smartphones are THE way to the Internet. Like, every day the Apple App Store gets more new games than the entire decade run of the Nintendo Entertainment System (not double checking that factoid but it's at least roughly right) Tech's egalitarian nature has kind of exploded, and developers and designers - even the moderately hip ones - need to keep in mind that not everyone is as intimate with tech that sits on a tabletop as they are... :-D

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