Sunday, December 6, 2020

preact and wmr - possible substitute for create-react-app

I am legit astonished at how much create-react-app - the de facto default - pulls. 250 Mb for just a Hello World! I really really really don't understand why the default brings so much... I'm tempted to make a package called "kitchen-sink" and lobby to get it included as part of the default.

JQuery (and modern CSS) really enhanced my homebrew programming, but Angular and React re-establishec the coding for work/coding for fun divide, in part because of this overhead... even though early React was more clearly meant to be part of an existing page, not presuming the "Single Webpage App" paradigm. I've done a few for fun projects in reat, but it never feels great, and since I don't usually use node on the backend, I get that "PHP for the JSON on the server" hubrid feel

I've had some better luck with Parcel. Another option might be wmr... it uses Preact which I haven't explored much, but might be more in tune with  my feeling of "I want to use basic React and JSX in a minimalist" way

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