Wednesday, December 30, 2020

saints row iv freezing bug on nintendo switch

Played through Saints Row IV on Switch, kind of a comfort food game for me. I played it years ago on Xbox 360, and while I mostly play my Switch on my TV (that's otherwise that's a small screen for middle-aged eyes) it's amazing to have that little open world microcosm right in your hands. And this game captures superpowers like Flash-like running and soaring like no other.

There was a frustrating bug - near the end there was a mission called "Hello Teacup"/"The Girl Who Hates the 50s", but the Switch would freeze/lockup after its completion- the first time after the rewards screen for it, and then after that on the loading screen right after warping out. 

Googling for suggestions, I tried stuff like moving the game to system memory (vs SD card) and airplane mode and what not but what worked was going back and redoing one of the DLC missions... after that I could restart the Rescue Kenzie mission, complete it, and get on with the game. 

Just mentioning it here in case Google picks up on it and maybe it helps someone. 

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