Wednesday, December 16, 2020


 I've mentioned it before but I do love my tool regexcellent - parts of my current project are making good use of my old school regex skills to scrape some html by hand. (relevant info from some thing like

SOMEKEY    <a href="SOMEURL"><img src="SOMEIMGURL" width="XX" height="YY" ></a>

with some other stuff.

The match was 

^(.*)\t\<a href\=\"(.*?)\"(.*)src\=\"(.*?)\"(.*)width\=\"(.*?)\" height\=\"(.*?)\"(.*?)$

and the replace was 

'$1':{ url:'$2', src:'$4', width:'$6', height:'$7'  },

Which produces something close enough to JSON that I can wrap it and pop it in JS and then do more formal manipulation...

I think way back when I used do this as macros in editors, lots of ctrl-arrow jumping around. And that was pretty quick! But I've lost track of what editors do that well, so this tool comes in handy.

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