Saturday, August 14, 2021

javascript frameworks showdown

Pretty decent video building "TODO" in 10 different toolkits, starting with my favorite "vanilla" JS...

I thought he gave vanilla short shrift, really. For me it's a bit of a disservice to talk about the code alone, and ignore the fact you can just copy and work on code anywhere - and without pulling down 50Mb of random libraries "just in case". (I'm reminded of how BASIC was offered as an interpreted language on slow, slow early 8-bit computers - having absolutely minimal friction in the code/run loops is sometimes worth quite a bit) Also, using `` quotes to put HTML bits in works quite well as it does in some of the other frameworks.

Maybe I need to look into Svelte. I also liked Vue which I learned a bit to apply for some jobs last year. But mostly I need to give Preact a try.

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