Wednesday, May 1, 2024

remember to not require authentication for OPTIONS requests on your authenticated endpoints!

Recently I was on a project where we started using "bearer tokens" (like bearer bonds, bearer tokens means if you have possession of it, you're trusted)

But we were getting CORS errors - but they read like cross-origin issues?And the request with the bearer token would go ahead and work when exported as cUrl commands....

Cut to the chase, the browser was sending an OPTIONS request to sniff around to the "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" header - but accidentally that was set to require the token - but that's not the way OPTIONS are supposed to work, so the browser doesn't include it. Anyway, so the 401 rejection of the OPTIONS request meant that the browser wouldn't try the actual GET. 

A little frustrating. It's like "c'mon browser - live a little, send the request, let the server figure out if it doesn't want to talk to you" -- sort of like giving a pep talk when you're playing wingman for your single friend at a bar.

coors = mediocre beer, CORS = annoying security gotchas

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