Saturday, May 18, 2024

draw a line anywhere on a page!

Two quick points:
They released GTP-4o. The o stands for "optimized", though based on a few random tech problems I through at it I'm thinking it stands for "oh, not as good as 4" - I think they tuned it to be fast and take more types of inputs in in a fluid way, but for my main use (programmer's lil' helper) the web version provides lesser results

Anyway, 4 had better suggestions for my problem where I wanted to draw arbitrary lines on page (in my case I'm revamping my "poll editor", and I realized it would be great if the element used to set up an individual poll entry could point to the appropriate place on the preview.)

Enter LeaderLine! To rip off that page:

I love it - if your page is dynamically reformatting you might have to call "line.position()" to reset things and there were a few cases (like when the page was distorted from a textarea being weirdly resized) where it wasn't 100% perfect, but I think it nails most usescases and meets my criteria for using a library vs writing bespoke code:
1. it pulls its weight by solving a relatively difficult problem
2. it has a reasonable simple API
3. it works with vanilla.js without a build system

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