Monday, March 27, 2023

timezone madness

I live in Boston, MA - I have one coworker in Houston, and then others in Amsterdam and Belgium (same timezone) Recently I've been enjoying Steve Foster's Menu World Time, which can place 2 economical clocks (along with daylight icons) a polite distance from my personal time:

So for the last 2 weeks, USA went to DST but Europe hadn't, so the daily morning standup was a bless├ęd hour later.

It got me thinking how Menu World Time had to track that kind of shift, and by coincidence a Slack community I'm on John C wrote:

things i've started seeing now that i'm deeper into the horror of open source distro world:
the absolute chaos that is the `tzdata` package during the twice yearly time transitions. For instance, Lebanon appears to have reinstated Daylight Saving Time after transitioning

Lebanon's government reinstates daylight saving time effective midnight on Wednesday-Thursday

What a mess! A lot of assumptions a programmer might make - like "a day has 24 hours" - definitely will be challenged at some point or another. (Shades of the old Y2K problem...)

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