Friday, March 17, 2023

typescript, plus and minuses

 I'm trying to make more peace with TypeScript, since that where things seem to be moving. Learning and Using TypeScript as an App Dev and a Library Maintainer was a good piece. Definitely pro-TS, but admitting some of the challenges, and not worth true fanaticism.

From that page:

  • Pros 👍:
    • Documentation: static types tell devs what variables look like quickly - especially valuable when working with unfamiliar code
    • Compile-time errors: common issues like typos or undefined values can be caught immediately, rather than at runtime; compiler prevents passing invalid values
    • Intellisense: type declarations allow IDEs to provide proper autocompletion and type information when writing code
    • Refactoring: can confidently rename / delete / extract code, rather than searching and "hope I found all the uses"
    • Long-term maintainability: better codebase information for future developers who may rotate on and off the project
    • Code Quality: doesn't replace unit tests, but can help minimize errors
    • Library Support: most common 3rd-party libs either ship typings, or community has created their own
  • Cons 👎:
    • Learning Curve: additional syntax and concepts take time to understand, on top of knowing plain JS by itself
    • Time to Write Code: literally more code to write out than just plain JS
    • Difficulties Typing Dynamic JS: can be difficult to come up with good static types for highly dynamic JS behavior
    • Inconsistent/Missing Library Types: not all libs have typings, and quality can vary
    • Compilation Time: TS usage can slow down build times
    • Over-Emphasis on Type Coverage: some TS users spend too much time trying to achieve "100% perfect static type coverage" of an entire codebase, leading to bizarrely complex types

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