Tuesday, May 16, 2023

mapping: still expensive

 4 years ago I switched away from Google Maps for all my Porchfest needs to Leaflet, hitting Mapbox.

 It's tough. Most of these services have free tiers that sound generous, with hundreds of thousands of free tiles, but then the costs can get out of hand - especially for spiky event traffic.

Last year Somerville Porchfest used $300 worth of Mapbox tiles - this year more like $600! That's 1.4 Million Tiles served (I think that's so many because people have to zoom in so much to see the bands! Somerville is dense and the city blocks are thick with bands on Porchfest.

But at least we have some numbers to go by.

https://www.mapbox.com/pricing charges 50 cents per thousand requests.

So like your first 200,000 are free, but then the next 200,000 would be $100! That's a pretty big jump.

https://www.here.com/get-started/pricing says to be 8.3 center per thousand. That starts charging at 30K, but the 1,400,000 would have been a more reasonable sounding $116 or so.

https://github.com/leaflet-extras/leaflet-providers has information on using providers. I think I need to switch.

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