Wednesday, May 10, 2023

the unmac-ish options for terminal, and window: not as bad as it used to be!

One of my favorite things about switching to Mac from Windows was having proper Unix terminal windows. It's interesting though, the settings for it are some the most-old-school Unix, least-Mac-y-simplified things I've seen on Mac...

Anyway I finally had an excuse to mess with it and "window groups", my current project has a Core, Brand, and Bridge part, and a tendency to color code things Black, Blue, and Red. The color coding is definitely making things easier on my head...

Incidentally, looking back on setting up a Windows 11 machine for my aunt... Windows has definitely gotten better over the last ten years - in particular they seem to have successfully clamped down on OEM bloatware. Combined with the "yeah every machine is now a touchscreen" (which I saw my Aunt take advantage of instinctively, and then my optometrist jabbed an onscreen button as she was walking away from the desk), along with the legacy of stronger game support... I'm not likely to switch back but it would be less horrible if I had to

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