Wednesday, May 17, 2023

the problem of chatgpt

 I had a thought I wanted to express visually:

I really do think this previews some of the biggest problems of the online folk for the next few years, if not more.

In terms of design, I looked at some online Venn Diagram tools (all of which required signup) but realized I'd be better served writing it in code, via P5. You can play with the code at though it's messy - I only had a vague idea of what I wanted so I iterated and tweaked by hand and didn't bother to clean up after.

Venn/Euler Diagrams had some interesting limits - at first I wanted "true things" and "false things" to cover the space completely, but A. that's not how these diagrams work and B. actually there are a lot of things that aren't fully true or false.

Also I wanted to put a space on "Things ChatGPT knows it doesn't know" but these diagrams don't show the empty set very well.

(Thanks to Arnaud, Melissa and Topher.)

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