Monday, June 5, 2023

phishers are getting better...

 Recently, an activist band organization I help run, BABAM, got a note with the subject "Tаkе Aсtiоn Nоw: Aрреаl Pаgе Susреnsiоn - Cорyright аnd Cоmmunity Stаndаrds Viоlаtiоn"

The content looks pretty legit, and that's at least a real Facebook link:

the next page felt a little bare though but plausible - but more importantly look at that link...

That link is more polished than I'm used to for this kind of scam:

Entering info and hitting submit then asks you for the "Password to continue" and I bailed.

Time was spammers were notably low-fidelity, with the logic being that they didn't would love to pre-filter for people a bit on the gullible side, but these jerks are making a play at looking pretty real, with fewer tells. 

Be careful out there!

(And of course, disregard everything purporting to be from Best Buy Geek Squad unless you really know you're doing something with them. There is a scam there absolutely frightening in its use of screen sharing and refund scams, making it look like you're getting a refund and then turning the tables and putting you on your back foot by accusing you of stealing from them. (A relative of mine came scarily near not catching on in time.))

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