Thursday, June 15, 2023

teaching the new dog old tricks

Is React Having An Angular.js Moment?  This article has been making the rounds - how Next.js is jockeying to be the next standard for deployments, how SSR requires amps up the complexity, and suspicion about Vercel being lowkey promoted as the default go-to for deploying Next.js apps.

It's interesting to try and guess where the puck is going along with where its been. In my experience, simplicity often wins out. I believe that is why JSON edged out XML, and some of why React ate Angular's lunch.

But what's funny to me is, 25 years ago everything was static rendering, and 20 years ago it was all SSR! Javascipt interaction then was a bell+whistle on top of the page-based core, but now that the industry has embraced JavaScript/TypeScript declarative rendering from top to bottom, keeping up server side options takes a great deal of finesse. I guess you can Teach a New Dog Old Tricks, but it's not always easy...

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