Wednesday, June 1, 2022

fenway porchfest billboard

Surprised I missed writing this up before, but in 2018 Fenway Porchfest asked me to make up a digital movie for display on an electronic billboard facing Fenway Park... pieces slid in to form this:

Here's how the 2018 flavor looked over Lansdowne: 

Most of the visual ideas were by Katie L. who worked with me the first year.

I built a p5 canvas app to move the elements, with an option to download all the frames (I had to crank the framerate down, even on a fast machine it was skipping frame numbers...) I then used FFmpeg (after having to fiddle with the Mac security settings) to glue the frames together as an mp4:

./ffmpeg -i billboard%04d.png output.mp4

did the trick

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