Thursday, June 16, 2022

still juicy after all these years

Sigh, I remember how I was the strong company advocate for "Juicy" UI... but I feel like they heyday for that was a decade ago. And it was a simpler thing back in the pre-Angular, pre-React days.... declarative programming is great, but its focus is on having the screen represent whatever structure in memory you have as efficiently as possible. It doesn't have as rich a language for how you get there... gradual transitions to that state are possible with CSS animation, but I don't think that's as expressive a paradigm as setting up animations in bad old jQuery.

So it was nice to see Daring Fireball link to The World's Most Satisfying Checkbox.

Of course juiciness is still around... I think of the Material UI Button that has a pleasing little sonar-looking ping spreading outward from wherever exactly the click or tap happened.

Still, it's not the priority it was. I mean sometimes transitions are nice for visual and mental continuity from one state to another, but mostly it's just fast, fast, fast. (Of course having to design for mobile without hover sensing, devices with possibly slow animation rates, and variable network times are other reasons most designers are not "Juicy first")

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